Intel c2000 Cisco Clock Signal Replacement

So, you thought you’d buy into the next generation of firewall technology early? #FAIL

After ongoing reporting from The Register, Cisco have finally admitted some of their products are affected by the intel C2000 series chip problem. This affects most (all?) ASA5506’s, 5508’s, and 5516’s, along with some other equipment, for a full list – look at Cisco’s product notices here.

The solution – fill out their spreadsheet with your devices details and get it sent over to Cisco, they promise to replace the equipment as soon as possible. I will keep this topic updated with my experience, but so far the only replies I’ve had to my email with the sheet was a mailbox full message (!) and a confirmation saying that I should get a response within the next two to three weeks, so don’t wait to get your request in.

This problem is not isolated to Cisco equipment, with Synology, Netgear, HP, Dell and Supermicro also having products affected by the faulty chip. For more information head over to The Register for the latest.

So Far the list of chips suspected to be vulnerable to sudden death are the C2308, C2338, C2350, C2358, C2508, C2518, C2530, C2538, C2550, C2558, C2718, C2730, C2738, C2750, and C2758. Although it seems vendors are reluctant to admit to problems being caused by the processors it seems that the writing is on the wall, go out and check what your new network device is actually running, and contact your vendor to make sure they have a plan to get you back up and running when it fails!


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