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Welcome to WeAreNothing

Welcome to, the new home of this blog. I don’t know why I just said new home, because it’s not.. it never existed before so I can hardly call it the new home, so maybe, the first home of my WeAreNothing blog.

Firstly, thanks for visiting, I intend to update this blog regularly (how many times have you heard that before?) so that I can share my personal view on the convergence industry, and by that I mean pretty much anything IT related.

For those of you that have never met me, I am a voice and data engineer from Northern England, I install and maintain Mitel and Avaya phone systems and the systems required for their operation. This means I am frequently required to work with other tech, such as Cisco remote access and site to site VPNs, and VMware. Whilst not my primary focus, it does still interest me, so from time to time you may see me post about these things. I will probably also post about common problems I have seen, these may sometimes seem a little off topic, but this is industry we are in, nobody will have the same problems all the time, and sometimes you will be asked to investigate a problems slightly outside your comfort zone. I hope you may find the answer to some problem you may have on this site at some point.